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Check out our free software to the left. We are currently working on a multi-platform game for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Xbox and Playstation platforms. Follow us on Facebook for more information when it is closer to a release date. Thank you!

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If you'd like to contact us, write on our Facebook wall or comment on one of our YouTube videos. You can also e-mail us at Support AT BeckerGames DOT com


AI Wizard

   - Addition Example    |    [DOWNLOAD]    |    [VIDEO]

Task Time Estimator

   - Book Tutorial    |    [NO DOWNLOAD]    |    [VIDEO]
   - Project Tutorial    |    [NO DOWNLOAD]    |    [VIDEO]

Self Employed Time Manager

   - Simple Tutorial    |    [NO DOWNLOAD]    |    [VIDEO]

FPS Trainer

   - Simple Tutorial    |    [NO DOWNLOAD]    |    [VIDEO]

Database Wizard

   - Set Up Tutorial (Part 1)    |    [NO DOWNLOAD]    |    [VIDEO]
   - CRUD Tutorial (Part 2)    |    [NO DOWNLOAD]    |    [VIDEO]

Internet Connection Notification

   - Simple Tutorial    |    [NO DOWNLOAD]    |    [VIDEO]

Text Replacer

   - Simple Tutorial    |    [NO DOWNLOAD]    |    [VIDEO]

Code Generator

   - Simple Tutorial    |    [NO DOWNLOAD]    |    [VIDEO]

Quiz Study Tool

   - Simple Example    |    [DOWNLOAD]    |    [VIDEO]

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